Manual order

Because of industry wide restrictions on Credit/Debit card transactions for Kratom we are still unable to process orders on-site. However, we are able to do manual orders.

If you wish to place an order simply fill out the form below and we will have an email “invoice” sent to you which will allow you to make the payment with credit/debit cards. Once we have confirmation of payment we can manually enter the order into the site and process it as normal.

Please be aware that because these orders will all be entered in manually the email “invoice” may not be sent over immediately. Also, once payment is made, the order confirmation email may not be sent over immediately.

It just takes a bit of time to create each order manually so please be patient. However, any order which has payment made before 3 PM Mountain time will be shipped same day. Getting orders out the same day is the priority.

We have every expectation that we will be able to process credit/debit cards as normal shortly. We are doing everything we can to get through this tough situation and are committed to providing outstanding product and customer service despite the difficulties the industry is facing.

Thanks for your understanding.